2012 End Of The Year Address

Hi! My name is Tim Smith. I'm the Founder and Host of this show, The East Wing.

It's been almost a year since we released our inaugural episode with Chris Kennedy. In this time, I've had the awesome chance to sit down with some of the smartest people in our industry. I've had the opportunity to talk to them about design, user experience, problem solving but, not only that. I've been able to talk and listen to their personal story: how they got started, what they're doing and where they're headed.

It's been such an honor to talk to people whose work I've admired for so long and that now, I can call some of them friends.

Our industry is an amazing one to be in. Our community is constantly pushing the limits of the web and for me, it's been a delight to talk to the people who are on the front lines.

As I look forward to the new year, I have so many exciting things planned for this show. I've already started to send out invites to guests and starting very soon, we'll be recording and broadcasting this show live on The Industry Podcast Network, which is so exciting yet, extremely nerve wracking at the same time. I think this will add a whole new dimension to the show. I'll be able to see your feedback immediately and hopefully ask the questions you want the answer to in the moment.

I also hope that 2013 will bring the start of The East Wing swag. As some of you might know, I'm a coffee addict and I'd love nothing more than an East Wing mug to drink my morning joe in.

However, the most important thing I'd like to communicate is: Thank You. It's because of you that companies have been interested in sponsoring the show which helps me tons in my efforts to keep it going. I hope you've enjoyed listening about these companies and as always my high standard of who can sponsor the show continues. Only products I feel comfortable recommending to friends are what make the cut.

This show has done wonders for me. It's made me a better designer, it's helped me to think better, it's allowed me to work with great people, and has inspired me to publish a magazine.

So, thank you. Thank you for having me in you podcast app, or in your RSS Reader, or on your car stereo when you commute to or from work.

As always, I'd love to hear what you think. I'm @ttimsmith on Twitter or you can email me at [email protected]. I get to email pretty quick.

My biggest hope is that as we ramp up again in 2013 that you continue to find the shows inspirational, educational and a tad bit entertaining. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for listening.

Reading time: 02:36 Written by Tim Smith