How to not be a Geek


Hi, I'm an ordinary computer user!

click to turn on
look down
plug in
click to turn on
look down
flick switch

get password wrong
forget wifi password
try "password"
slam hands down... works

open IE
go to ""
search for "You Tube" using caps lock for capitals
search for "how to use windows", mess up with insert key
install flash
comment on video "this didnt wrk 4 me. my computer is probably broke"

select link to youtube video
right click, copy
get post-it, write out full link
plug usb in wrong way
give up, stick post-it to USB

hide desktop, look scared

spill tea
blow on it, wave it, drink it
straight face



funny - sarcasm
mocking - impression
knowledge - technology

Reading time: 00:46 Written by Graham Macphee