Today I will live.

I will fix my spine again. I will walk, and exercise. I will aim to no longer be that skinny guy with the excuse of 'Oh I don't exercise, it's not for me'. I will grow a beard. I will streamline my possessions. I will listen to loud music less to protect my hearing. I will produce more music. I will ride my bike. I will look for a job. I will jump at any opportunity thrown at me. I will travel to Japan. I will continue to be an artist. I will keep learning. I will branch out in my areas of interest. I will move out of home. I will learn to cohabit with others. I will further explore my beliefs. I will become a true friend. I will succeed in my TAFE studies. I will finish them with flying colours.

I will become Louis Bullock, Graphic Designer.

Reading time: 00:52 Written by Louis Bullock